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Faithful Friends Pet Sitting, LLC

Services and rates~Cary, Apex, Morrisville

  • Daily Walks:
  • $18.00 for one dog (Up to 5 mile radius)
  • $21.00 for two dogs (Up to 5 mile radius)
  • $24.00 for one dog (Above 5 mile radius)
  • $27.00 for two dogs (Above 5 miles radius) 
  • Packages: Three Visits a day OR Overnight Care in Your Home.
  • We are NOT breed specific and are happy to care for a variety of pets.
  • All of this care is performed in the comfort of your own home. We are much lower in cost compared to boarding.
  • We will work hard to stay as close to your schedule as possible.
  • Care for dogs include: walks, play time and feeding. The morning and afternoon visits are up to 45 minutes in length. The evening visit will be 30 minutes.
  • Two or more visits constitutes a full day of care and will be charged accordingly.
  • If you are in need of an additional midday visit we can certainly accommodate you. There is an additional cost for doing so.
  • Cat care includes: feeding, play-time, and daily litter change.
  • Rodents/birds/Reptiles: includes feedings, play-time, and daily cage cleaning.
Package Rates:
  • Three Visits a Day: $50/day(Up to 5 miles). Includes up to two dogs.
  • Three Visits a Day: $55/day(Above 5 miles). Includes up to two dogs.
  • Overnight Care: $65/night(Up to 5 miles). Includes up to two dogs.
  • Overnight Care: $75/night(Above 5 miles). Includes up to two dogs.
  • Cat Care: $21/one visit(Up to 5 miles)
  • Cat Care: $24/one visit(Above 5 miles)
Additional Fees:
  • Extra dog: $8/each
  • Cat Fee: $4/each
  • Medication fee: $8 flat fee. Not daily fee.
  • Holiday Fee: $25 flat fee. Not daily fee.
  • Additional midday visit: $15(Up to 5 miles)
  • Additional midday visit: $20(Above 5 miles)
  • Keys: pick up/drop off $15/each
  • Lockboxes: $18 and is mandatory for clients who do not use keypads or garage codes.
  • Special Needs:
  • We do offer care to all animals including those with special needs. We do administer medication and provide additional care as needed. 

Service Rates~ Boone & Blowing Rock

Home Away(Three Visits A Day): $22-up
  • For pet parents who will be planning a vacation.
  • Provides three visits a day.
  • Daily updates will be sent to let you know how your pet(s) are doing.
  • Go on vacation know your pet(s) are being well care for, loved, spoiled and having an amazing time.
Home Away(Drop In): $22
  • For working pet parents who would like their pets seen during the afternoon while they work.
  • We will provide a daily update while there with your pet(s).
  • Will walk, feed and provide fresh water.

  • Farm/Livestock
  • We do offer care for entire farms/stables. Special rates will apply. 
  • We cannot provide refunds when pets are not cooperating when we attempt to provide services. 
  • Payment is required at the time of service. 

*To combine different animals together please contact us for special pricing.